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Retail Site Blog

A blog for Apparel of teens with a combination of modern and ethnic wear which are popular in urban wear.


A new initiative started by govt of Delhi, India to raise the health infrastructure in Delhi. This initiative was started to provide a next door health check up and quick basic support to residents in Delhi.

AAM Aadmi Mohalla Clinic Online locations and services displayed and added as the work of opening mohalla clinics in Delhi progresses further.

There are more then 100 locations in Delhi where these clinics have been opened by Delhi Govt.

Diamond Jewelry Product Showcase

A product showcase representing the diamond jewelry with price and details on retailer price. It also displays the history and contact details of the company so that the prospect clients may get in touch directly and inquire about the new collection or availability of the jewelry.

Shopify E-Commerce Site

E-Commerce solution for promoting and selling the products online using Shopify platform. Shipping all over the world and dealing in multiple currencies with running different offers according to events and seasons.

Interior Designers Project Showcase

Interior Designers Project Showcase – Divine Interiors is an Interior Designing company who have taken up projects pan India and their objective to showcase their portfolio and contact details was accomplished through this portal designed and developed by StegWelt Technologies.

IT Consulting Firm

IT Consulting Firm Online Presence – Dynamic Mavens is a Solution Consultancy firm which provides assistance in various sectors like Digital Platform Services, Network Services and Solutions, Hardware Infrastructure and Resource Solution, Security and Communication Solution, Software and ERP and Solution Consulting.

Retailer Food Chain

Bar-be-que Nation is a retailer food chain famous for its buffet serving style pan India. Now they are expanding overseas as well and in order to optimize their food preparation and serving process, it was required to provide with an on-floor option connected with their central DB to optimize the operations which was achieved by using this app.

Cricket Quiz App

This is a Cricket Trivia game to check how well you know your cricket. Players will be ranked to check their standing against fellow cricket followers from all over the world on the basis of knowledge of Cricket.

Put your knowledge to test by answering as many questions as possible correctly. Compete with fellow players and make it to the top 10 on the rankings’ board.

Mobile Battery Saving App

Design and development of Battery saver app for Android mobile devices.
It lists all the applications and displays the percentage of battery it uses for that specific application with providing the option to close the application from the app itself.

It has the functionality of customizing the modes as well where the options like brightness, Screen timeout, Vibrate, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and mobile data can be set to a default action under that mode.

Online Phone Tracking App

Smartphone application for parents to monitor their kids when parents are not with them.

Tracking all the activity happening through phone including any SMS or Pics taken also gets saved in the history of the app and can be access by parents for review.

Bank Loan Provider

Smartphone application for getting loan from banks.

It provides detailed information and keeps the track of the status of application as well.

Android Shopping App

Android application for snacks shopping.

Smooth user navigation with snacks details and prices. Option to make payment online for delivery with order status.

Clothing Store in Shopify

Trending clothing store in Shopify with online payment, offers and vouchers for shoppers.

Sunglasses Store in Magento

Online shopping store in Magento for sunglasses with online payment feature and extensive reporting for orders and users.

Trendy Clothing Store in ASP .Net

Trendy clothing e-commerce store in ASP .Net connected with other online marketplace for inventory management at the back-end.

Product Portfolio in WordPress

Product Portfolio in WordPress connecting with multiple product specific sites and  introductory video for displaying the complete product process.

Multilingual Site in ASP .Net

E-Commerce website to provide customized trophy and articles in US developed as a custom solution in ASP .Net

Pastor Matching Custom Site in Laravel

Website designed for finding the positions as pastors in the church according to your best match.

Local Search Engine Portal

Local Search Engine Portal developed in PHP as custom solution for Qatar.

Woo commerce Solution

Woo Commerce solution for sleeping mattresses and various products online.

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