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Web Design Takeaways From 2016

Year 2016 brought up various challenges and opportunities in web designing and development industry. With more focused on mobile web designs and responsive designs, it had a lot more in bag for the developers.

However there are some web design takeaways for the year 2017 that includes


Flat designs

Many websites were able to make a hit in the industry with flat designs as they give a more clean and polished look. These are easy to use designs and work very well where the responsive designs are required. It has faster load times. Majority of the designers say that flat designs are to stay here.

Clean and simple to use website designs integrate high quality of presentation and makes it easy to navigate. Make sure that you timely clean out the clutter to help your users better in sorting out the information. Also product photography is an important parameter that leads to ultimate conversions or rejections. Making use of more images along with the content is also a web design takeaways for the upcoming year.


Mobile focus

Mobile devices have become an essentially today in our lives especially after the advent of touch-screens and the smart phones. The studies show that people prefer to look for information on handy devices and that too on-the-go. Thus, the website designs that do not look good on smaller screens and are bulky over the smaller screens having horizontal scrolls, large animations taking longer to load or large font styles are responsible for reduced web traffic. Thus multiple screen designed websites are a need of an hour.


Focus on enhanced UX design

This year the focus has been strongly laid on increasing user experience. The designs that were unable to focus much on UX failed entirely. The predictions are that UX is going to stay and be more important criteria for ranking the websites by search engines as well.


Interactive scrolling

The parallax scrolling and having the background move slower than the movement of the foreground is very much visually appealing for the website visitors. This is an effective technique for catching the attention of the traffic. It uses a layer of images to create a 3D effect. This allows the businesses to represent their products to their visitors in 3D thereby making them to call to action.

Besides the parallax, the infinite scrolling allows the user to see more content as the user scrolls down. It keeps on loading more content to give a varied option to the users. These are only a few pointers although there are many other web design takeaways from 2016 to 2017.

If you would like to know more about designs and technical patterns followed in 2016 and trending for 2017 then you may get in touch with us via our “Contact Us” page.

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