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User Interaction Mistakes

User Interaction Mistakes to be Avoided that makes conversions impossible

A website requires a good planning and deep user behavior analysis by designer to enhance the user interaction and avoid User Interaction Mistakes. Emerging interaction design patterns and increasing online competition makes things even more complicated. The artistic web page designs and unexpected animations alone may not be sufficient to create a delightful user experience.

Furthermore, what is essential to create a good user experience along with the maximum visitors’ conversions? Here are certain mistakes listed in websites that lack user interactivity-


1) Navigation that confuses rather than helps

Many developers have been doing a common mistake of not using the commonly used navigation labels to make them unique. However, there are some navigation labels that are generic to every business. It also helps the search engines in listing a portal in SERPs. If the developer is labeling “products” or “services” in navigation panel which audience is not searching for, it may adversely affect your ranking. Instead use the labels that include popular key phrases.


2) Drop down menus

As a user we move our eyes even faster than moving the mouse and therefore using drop down menus can be annoying. When we go to a menu, we have already decided what information we are looking for, in such a situation the drop down menus show us even more options and confuse us.  Hence to prevent the loss of visitors from your pages make sure that you are not using “mega drop downs” in your site.


3) Clutter

Gone are the days when websites used to put everything on their site. This creates a crumble and a mess on the portal by displaying too much information. However, even today many developers repeat this mistake. Along with keeping a simple color scheme make sure that you do not use sheer boxes and navigation drops. Instead of cramming up your site with unnecessary calls to action and boxes, keep it simple and clear.


4) The contrast

To draw user attention on various elements of your site make sure to use clean and decent color contrast in your portal. Also it applies to the font style, size, and the shape of each section and product display. Make sure that your content is right and also the background and buttons are inviting to the user too.


Finally test your stuff and Avoid User Interaction Mistakes

To check out the user experience if they will be satisfied or not, place yourself into the Shoes of your users. Keep on testing your site and find out the drawbacks and negatives of it. Find where you get stuck, what is wrong with navigation, the color scheme and page loading speed. Focus on user needs and make justified improvements.

If you would like to know more about how you can further optimize your website for better user interaction and response time then you may contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

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