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Reduced Web Graphics Resulting Reduced Readership

The important job of artists is to enhance design and create an art in their project. Can this added value really harm your readership? To many it may seem absurd about how can the design enhancement endeavors produce adverse effects on site’s readership but it holds a fine argument. One of the reasons to this can be lower loading speeds as these value additions are done at a cost of somewhere around 93.7 kb to 679kb. This can make your viewers leave your page.


 Its Mid 2017 knocking the doors-

In past four years, internet has undergone various major changes and upheavals.  These tremendous changes also include creation of more content by media giants. Internet today has taken more space in population’s lives than the TV channels. Almost everything from the media is a go-to-internet these days. From desktop screens, to mobile screens and smart TV screens, internet is now everywhere. Though the information needs a minimum bandwidth of 0.5 mbps but for quality streamlining at least 1.5 to 3.0 mbps connection is required.


Loading … playing and sputtering

Though the page size is even today a matter of concern, however the other issues have become even more prominent these days that include designing website for different platforms, destination device’s capabilities and extent of multimedia features in design. A design should be developed keeping into concern that though the animations will be easily downloaded on the desktop, but they will take more loading and playing time on the tablets and mobile devices.

Thus, we can simply conclude that a website which though gets downloaded easily but takes pauses while loading and playing will alienate the readers.


The power backup –

The heavy animations in website designs are more power consuming. Though the mobile devices being designed today are getting even powerful but they still have limitations of working slower while surfing as contrasted to desktops. Thus the level of legacy gear and capabilities of the platforms you should be building a responsive website.


Be choosy –

Make sure that you do a proper homework in selecting the content that you wish to be displayed in each format. Add the elements that are essential for making your site a responsible one and the one which is enjoyable for your information users. Giving a due attention to opportunities and risks available in each different platform can be of real help in designing a good project for your customers.




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