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Recipe to make a good website or web-app

It can be a bit tough balance to achieve, but a good website keeps the users happy, the builders unoffensive and the company earning revenue. A good website is a key to good business that portrays to your customers what quality of service you will offer to them. Constructing a well streamlined and properly functional web design brings worth to all the efforts of developers. The target of enhancing customer experience lies in improving the bottom-line of your site development activity keeping a few things into consideration.

Here are certain tips to help you craft a website that customers will love to use and buy from –


  1. Most viewed item in web page – the headlines –

The power of the headlines that goes into your webpage cannot be ignored. The headlines are the first thing that grabs the attention of a viewer even over the images used. This is because the users keep an eye track on knowing what exactly the website has to offer. The concise and well designed headlines give users the desired information upfront. Just like in this article, the headlines give users an abstract of the whole information easily.


  1. Incorporating the directional cues –

Make sure that the images you are using in your content have a proper directional cues to the information you want to spread amongst the audience. Giving proper directions inside the content is essential to make sure that users derive useful abstracts and understand well about your message.


  1. Getting people on your site –

Attracting your target audience is of utmost important decision that you need focus upon. You need to formulate various ways through which you will attract the audience to your portal to induce further purchase. There are various means to make this possible such as social media, PR, pay per click, search engine optimization etc. by figuring out which technique has lowest cost of acquisition with best results, you can know which technique should you chose for your site.


  1. Determining the target audience

Not all the visitors on your page can be your target audience and you have to please them all. First determine who your target segment of the market is and then formulate the further strategies of marketing. First you are able to determine who your target market is; you can then determine what you will make them do next once they are there at your portal. Focus upon key features and services of your site to multiply the number of visitors on your page.


  1. Increase page loading speed

It is of utmost importance that every customer is a happy customer owing to the speed of interaction your site offers to the visitors. Either have speedy loading time or increased lost revenue. Choice is yours.

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