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Tips To Have an Enhanced Web User Experience

It is no less than a science to grab customer attention and retain them for long by giving them an enhanced web user experience. Websites and applications designed and developed with an aim to have an intuitive and engaging user interaction. However, this is not a one-shot deal and requires many things to be done including –

  • Do not design for the client, design for the ultimate user

The most common mistake committed by the designers and developers is that most of them design a site to meet the needs of the client getting his business online. However, the right way is to get the design developed for the user of the information keeping into view his needs and demands from the design. The design should be easy to use and kept simple. The site should be easily navigable and not so tech savvy. There must be proper content mapping to eliminate unnecessary confusions.

  • Doing a proper homework

Before you design your site, make sure you have a detailed interaction with your client about his expectations from the project. Document each and every piece of information examining it with a fine tooth comb. Understanding the client’s needs make a module and implement it. Test-run it and consult with the client. Detail out the results of the test run and dive deep into the response. You can also test run it on a smaller segment of target users to see the response.

  • Be the critique of your project

Criticizing your own project on certain grounds gives you a clear picture about its limitations and scope for development. Find out what is wrong in your project from user’s point of view and correct it before you jump over to the ultimate solution. Whether your project brings you the opportunities of threats is a matter of concern here.

  • Less is enough

We are not asking you to reduce the information; we are telling you to reduce the labour on part of the user. Don’t make your user do many tasks on your site. Also reduce the extra clutter from your portal that is useless or distracting for the user. Do a proper mapping so that the user knows where he needs to go for the information and resources.

  • Collaboration is the key

If you want to create an engaging and enhanced web user experience design, make sure you very well collaborate with the client, the users and the internal technical team of yours.

If you would like to know more as how you can improve your designs for interacting with your users then you may ask us via our “Contact Us” page.

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