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Avoid Mobile Application Development Failure

In order to avoid mobile Application Development failures it is mandatory to study the business expectation before starting the development. An application that has no particular purpose to solve is a mere waste and might turn out into a total loss for an enterprise. To give unique look and features, developers end up making a useless app. Rather apps contains many functions but users are not able to take advantage of them as they are not related to the users. There are various reasons for failure of an application that the developers must closely encounter. It is needed to develop an app that do not fall short of expectation of business and users.

Below are certain tips that developers may use to develop nice mobile application development.


Focus at offering “web service”

While making a mobile application, you must consider most important aspect of “flexibility” across various platforms and screen sizes. Many developers hold an opinion that the code must be designed one for all and the changes must be made later. Although we recommend to make the necessary changes during programming session as re-engineering is an expensive and a time consuming affair.


Do a Pilot for a proper Application Development

Prior to introducing your app to the targeted audience at a large scale conduct the pilot run on a small segment of target audiences. Also the audiences on whom you are conducting a pilot run include programmers, developers, designers and critics as well. This will give you a true feedback about your app. Test your app and find out where it lacks. Critics on your app will be the best tools to make it worthwhile by working over them.


Asking for the user feedback

Before the app goes into the market, make sure that you request for tons of feedback on the prototype. Also the feedback loop must not end with the launch of an application. Rather keep updating your app with the constructive feedback to get closer to your customers and increase your customer base. There should be a feedback column separately in each app. Besides this, feedback can be collected through social channels. The company website and the app store statistics also helps in improving the developed app.


Working along the design team

The visual language, the design graphics and other basics of a mobile app can bring major changes in various applications. To let the best come out of your efforts, make sure that you keep checking each module time to time, and elaborate every peculiar feedback and expectation from each level of development. Work in coordination with your design team.


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