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Software Migration, Re-Engineering

Stegwelt can help enterprises in migrating their legacy systems from old technologies to present day platforms through its Software Migration, Re-Engineering Services.

More than 70% of world’s applications are running on legacy systems creating a constant need for modernization and upgrade for enterprises. These methodologies and systems are still in use because migrating them to newer platforms and re-engineering them with modern technologies can be costly and risky if not properly executed. Stegwelt can help enterprises in migrating their legacy systems from old technologies to present day platforms through its software migration and re-engineering services. Our solutions are strategically designed to overcome the cross platform compatibility challenges faced in software migration and re-engineering activities.

With more than 150 skilled software engineers and 1500+ successful project deliveries, ranging from web development to mobility solutions and software migration for large enterprises, Stegwelt carries the trust of more than 500 global clients operating in diverse business domains. It has been 10 years since our inception and we have tirelessly served our clients with best possible solutions while keeping ourselves updated with the latest and challenging technologies.

The vast pool of resources at Stegwelt includes highly experienced professionals having expertise in latest technologies as well as previously used popular technologies on which major systems were developed. This allows us to deploy highly secure and risk free re-engineering solutions for critical systems and applications. Moreover, we understand the IT requirements of a business or an enterprise in present scenario where businesses are constantly evolving and expanding to new locations and domains. Our solutions are designed while keeping such details and other minute points in consideration so that the implemented solution will be useful and compatible with the foreseeable future technologies.

The end solution or product developed by Stegwelt supports all the functionalities present in the older system while these functionalities are updated and modernized to provide quick execution and enhanced user experience. The core of the system is maintained while its supporting features and the whole technology behind the system is upgraded to modern technology. Stegwelt technologies has successfully delivered numerous software migration and re-engineering projects during its long and impressive presence in the IT industry which makes us well experienced and confident enough to take over and successfully deliver even the most complex projects.

If you have a legacy system and want to migrate it to a newer platform or want to re-engineer it for better performance, contact us with your requirements and our representative shall get in touch with you shortly.

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