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Website Development Strategy

You need to plan out a sturdy Website Development Strategy for mobile website development to have a prosperous website and beyond. To guarantee a successful future and have an array of customers on your online portal it is important to consider some key points before developing a mobile site. They are –

Website Development Strategy


1. Focusing the user experience

Before you start developing your mobile web strategy, make sure that you consider closely your intended users. Once, the users and their needs are concerned in detail, you need to know the tools available to scale down your desktop site into a mobile site thereby making it responsive too.

A website with more graphics such as videos, images etc take more time to load on mobile devices. This may make your user switch to some other site and never to return back. Make sure to pay more attention to technical aspects of mobile sites.


2. A separate mobile site, really ?

Now when you have focused on user experience, now it is time to decide if you have to scale down your desktop site, create a responsive site, let remain the native site or build a brand new mobile site. Based on the fact what is suitable for your users and consider the pros and cons of each option, select the best one for you. Though making two different sites and maintaining both is an expensive deal but then a single website effects mobile user experience adversely and may not be optimal for conversion.


3. Your content should be structured optimally

Users choose a handy mobile device rather then walking to the table and starting computer to search something on internet. It is also handy while during a meeting, on the way to office or early morning in bed as well.

In order to ensure an optimized user experience, you must focus on deciding the content rather than simply showing a subset of your desktop content. Also the F-layouts are more prominent than Z-layouts in mobile devices; these are the vertical patterns of content which are preferable over the horizontal patterns of content.


4. Simply scaling down your desktop site, yes or no ?

The usage model for the mobile site is entirely different from that of a desktop site. In order to enhance your site’s access through mobile using the common approach of scaling down your site can be dangerous. The mobile site taps its own unique opportunities. Making user navigation easy and interesting is the main target for a mobile site and thus it should be paid relevant attention.

Both the mobile devices and the desktop sites have different purposes and offer different user experience. Thus chose the ways to lend an enhanced user experience.

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