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Take your site to next level by making Website load faster

When your web traffic goes through the roof, does your website start to respond slower? Do you know what happens next? It can make your visitors to leave your page not only for now but forever. Do not make your visitors to roll on their eyes to let the page load on their device with these easy tips and make the Website load faster –


  • Finding the best possible HOST

When it comes to how to make your Website load faster and appears to your customers and readers, hosting is the real deal breaker. Your page load speed can simply drag down along with creating the security issues if the hosting company is incapable. Make sure that while you build up your site, you do an in-depth research about hosting solutions. For more power, consider choosing the CDN, content delivery network to deliver content worldwide.


  • Reduce images and videos and optimize them aptly

When it comes to slowing down the page loading speeds, the culprits often are the heavy videos and images. These images that are captured from a camera or are bought online have large raw file size which takes time to process. This ultimately affects end user experience. Therefore it is better to reduce their dimensions to make them fit better on your content.


  • The comments, themes and plug-in make your site to respond slow

The comments that build up on your blogs and content, the themes and the plugins make your websites to respond slowly. Evacuating those which are unnecessary and useless can make your pages to load faster.


  • Use caching

To enhance user experience, you can use the caching plug-in as it delivers the snapshots of user’s earlier searches on your website. This delivers quick results when a user requests it. The caching services do the backend job for you making your pages to load faster for your visitors.


  • Minifying the unnecessary code

By simply editing and removing the unwanted lines of code from your website, you make the web pages to load faster. Heavy and messed up files of CSS, Javascript and HTML increase the workload for your servers. Thus, minifying the content can help in reducing the page load time.


  • Optimizing the database

While you use the word press, it saves your comments, your posts and other such information. This backup though is very beneficial in certain circumstances, but it can occupy a lot of space in memory thereby making the pages to load later. Some of the backup versions are unnecessary. To bring your database to its full potential make sure that you well optimize your database.

We hope that these tips are useful to you in enhancing your overall user experience with greater page load time.

There are multiple factors involved in a site performance so if you would like to get your site tested for performance and stability with making Website to Load Faster then you may get in touch with us via our “Contact Us” page.

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