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Utilization of Local Search Engines

By Utilization of Local Search Engines Local Search Results Now Utilized To Their Full Advantage

There are many opportunities available for the businesses online. However many of the business owners are not taking its full advantage owing to miscellaneous reasons. One of the prominent reasons behind this is negligence over the search engine results. The surveys tell that approximately 37% of the overall searches in engines are local searches. These searches are related to the zip codes, geographical terms etc.

Optimization of local SEO has become important since the “pigeon” update of Google in 2014. Inbound marketing campaign were not considered important in past. This trend has been changed now and local search vertical is now an increasingly focused strategy of internet marketing.

Here are FIVE ways to help your business getting listed on location based pages-


Optimizing your website for local search

To let know the search engines to pick up your website in what kind of search engine query, it is important to mention your address in footer of every web page. This not only claims that you are having business online but also optimizes your website for local searches. This also enhances your credibility amongst the users that you have an authentic company and are employing people too. Make sure that you mention your address, your contact details and hours of operations.


Creating landing pages that are location specific

To correspond with your overall keyword strategy, make sure that you create state-level or city-level landing pages. This is because when you are operating your business from various locations of head quarter and secondary offices and from various search engines, you are not limited to domestic boundaries, you are competing at global scale and thus with an array of online companies. You are competing with the companies for search engine traffic that are located physically near to your customers. Thus, your website must be optimized to rank in search engines for a particular location. You can add videos and images to support your content.


While using  pay-per-click advertising, use location based keywords

By adding the location of your business for Utilization of Local Search Engines, you can get the queries over the search engines that are location specific. Make sure that use highly triggered keywords in your web page so that the search engine drives the user to relevant landing page. You must tailor the keywords according to key metropolitan areas in your place and the state.


For location tagging, use micro-formats

Micro-formats refers to wrapping up essential content in code semantic markup such as location, zip code, postal address, contact details etc. these micro-formats can be used to tag information to relevant searches and produce better SEO results.

If your location information is authorized, authentic and in place then your search engine results can be aptly optimized to make the interested users to land on your portal.

If you would like to know more about Utilization of Local Search Engines and how they can be fully utilized for your business improvement then you may get in touch with us via our “Contact Us” page.

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