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A Personal Touch to SEO Effective Content

As per Krithiga Reddy, MD, Facebook, key to digital marketing strategy is focusing the needs of customers. In the era of Omni-channel customers, the strategies for online marketing need to be very aptly chosen and designed. So SEO Effective Content becomes one of the key factor for the website to be visible on the web.

Since people have no limits to data access, where information is widely available and to make the customer read your content, you need to personalize it. There are fundamental shifts in behavior of customers amongst which the major two are that they are getting digital and other is that they are getting digital through smart phones.

Accessing various websites online especially the social networking sites such as Facebook, on their mobile phones, the researches show that personalized content is the new ruler. The researches show that out of 118 million people who are having Facebook accounts about 118 million people are using it through their mobile app.

For the big brands who want to bang gigantic prospects in digital world, personalizing content is the strategy. Also the best brands are considering this factor fundamental to their marketing mix and personalizing content. With smart segmentation and targeting, Coca-Cola managed to expand their customer base with their digital campaigns.

It experienced great customer errand through leveraged mobile, smart segmentation and customer focused digital campaigns.


Social media a great platform for small brands too-

To enhance customer engagement, Reddy advocated that social media is a great platform. Facebook will keep making more investments in increasing customer engagement thereby assisting various brands to get connected with their customers on digital marketing medium.


Technology now delivering more personalized and SEO Effective Content

As per the latest surveys and researches, the technology now targets appropriate customers and show them relevant content. The personalization that is available to big brands today was never available ever before. A generic content will have a low impact on your customers.  Segmenting your visitors in groups and accordingly personalizing the content displayed to them will give a much better conversion rates.


Benefits of content Personalization

You can cut through the muddle and sieve out the noise thereby making your visitor’s web experience more relevant. This makes the visitor’s stay for long on your page, browse it and ultimately make the purchases. Many websites today customize their homepage based on your past searches about various products. Personalization today has revolutionized online transactions and conversions of the visitors.

If you would like to know more about the importance of content personalization or would like to know how it can help your website gain the visitors then you may contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

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