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Open Source

In a business ecosystem that leverages emphasis on critical factors such as speed to market and cost, Stegwelts’ open source solutions empower organizations to evolve required business capabilities- elevated performance at reduced costs.

Stegwelt renders implementation services and strategic technology solutions that aim at optimizing and accelerating the use of open source technologies to cater to the diversifying needs of various industry verticals. Stegwelt is a global forerunner in software development solutions that harness the maximum potential of open source technologies. We render an integrated value chain of services encircling open source product development, training and consulting services, and open source solution customization and implementation, delivered at its principal development centers located across New Delhi, India.

We empower our customers to unlock new and profit-rendering business opportunities by maximizing the potential of open source technology and custom implementation of the same in their traditional business model, enabling them to elevate their bottom line and increase the ROI. At Stegwelt, we boast of a dexterous team of 300+ developers, dedicatedly striving to render top-rated open source solutions and product engineering services across varied industry verticals including e-commerce, CRM, healthcare, travel, insurance and banking, telecom, social media, retail, manufacturing and education, in defined timeframe in a cost-efficient manner. Our global delivery model enables us to develop intellectual property, integrate innovation in your business workflow and reduce rollout time and costs.

Open source solutions developed by Stegwelt leverage your business with plethora of advantages by augmenting the participation of developer community in business growth. Some advantages of outsourcing opens source services to Stegwelt are mentioned below:

  • Speedy and hassle-free web development, backed by a community of proficient developers
  • Access to a rich pool of source code resources required for development of dynamic and interactive web applications and websites
  • Reduced development costs owing to free of cost software and zero license fees involved
  • Regular and easy availability of software updates required to upgrade applications and meet user requisites.

Stegwelts’ Open Source Service Offerings

    Stegwelt renders scalable and professional WordPress development services which enable your online business in multi-faceted development. Our prime WordPress services include WordPress development, WordPress customization and support and maintenance services. Partner Stegwelt for out-of-box WordPress solutions.


    If you are looking for flexible and robust Joomla application development solutions, Stegwelt proves to be your one-stop solution. We render competitive range of Joomla development services including Joomla development, Joomla customization, Joomla integration and Support and maintenance services. Stegwelt renders bespoke Joomla solutions.


    Stegwelt specializes in developing intricate web applications and websites harnessing the user-friendly features of Drupal development platform. We render array of Drupal-based development services including Drupal installation, Drupal design, Drupal development, Drupal integration and support and maintenance services. Our suite of solutions is customized to meet your business requisites.


    Stegwelt specializes in rendering Magento development solutions that focus on commitment and quality. If you are looking for innovative, out-of-box and modern Magento solutions for your online business, Stegwelt collaborates with you to meet your requisites. Our Magento development solutions include Magneto development, integration, customization and support services.


We, at Stegwelt, believe that different jobs demand different tools, languages and development platforms and mastering a single platform or tool will not help us keep up with client expectations. Over the decade, Stegwelt has mastered diverse technologies that enable us to deliver top-rated solutions that surpass client expectations. Thus, we have gained expertise in all major open source technologies which enables us to render ROI-centric and prolific web applications for your online business.

Competitive Pricing

At Stegwelt, we offer robust solutions at competitive prices. Our products and solutions are backed with performance guarantee that ensures highest ROI.

Proven Methodologies

Stegwelt has vast expertise of working in diverse business environments which allows them to utilize business best practices and proven methodologies.

24 / 7 Technical Support

Our communication channels are open 24/7 that connects you with right team of technical experts, instantly to reduce complexity and enhance productivity.

Agile Processes

The development processes at Stegwelt follows Agile Methods that ensures high-performance execution during the entire project cycle.

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