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Check out the new Training Events schedules available at the reception.

Topics include UX / UI Fundamentals, Next Level Design, Project Manager, Project Coordinator,  Instructional Design, Project Management, Social Media for Trainers, Developing Small Bites Learning and more.

Register at least 30 days in advance to get your seat, Only 5 employees per training session are allowed as space is limited.

ANNOUNCING the Online Training Events 2016!

Teams from other locations of office would collaborate ideas to get the structure prepared so its your chance to contribute now what you feel is missing at your workplace and the Online Learning Conference 2016 may highlight your contribution as well in the training sessions.

Below are the main formats of training which would be provided as per the schedule.

  • Lectures would be of 30 minutes in duration.  Guest speakers and in-house trainers would be taking this lecture as per the provided schedule.
  • Demonstrations classes would be carried out for training sessions as mentioned in the schedule. Attending a demonstration class as per the schedule would be mandatory to get the training session marked as completed.
  • Discussions and debates would be followed by the Lecture or demonstration classed in every training session where attendees would need to prepare the pointers as an outcome of discussion and submit at the end of training session.
  • Online learning resources are available for all the training sessions but it would depending on the trainees if they would like to go through the online learning material or not.
  • Small group teaching format is kept for all the sessions so there is a limitation of only 5 employees per session so that the trainer may give individual attention to every trainee.
  • Case studies would be prepared as an outcome of every training session so that the future trainees can understand what they can be expected to achieve after specific training session. You may refer to the existing case studies to know the expected outcome from you after completing your training.

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StegWelt Technologies ensures delivering high performance through the endeavors of their expert team of professionals. We are oriented at transforming every industry and business procedure by way of our web development solutions and IT outsourcing services.

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