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Template vs Custom Web Design

Getting professional designs for your website can boost your business returns

Unlike the rumors in various media outlets such as Mashable.com, that professional website designs are a history now because of low cost WordPress Templates and artificial intelligence, the truth is that they are still alive and can give your business the required plagiarize.

However the reality is that the professional website designs are helpful in attracting web traffic. The connectivity of people and businesses are vastly growing over the internet every year. An overall use of internet to carry on business transactions is growing at staggering pace. This usage of internet is now no more limited on desktops but has extended over to mobile phones and laptops.

The magnitude of informative content is significantly increasing and more engaging and intense content is being demanded. Since a website is an intermediate that virtually connects almost everything around us, a professionally designed web portal can help visitors to locate goods and services.


Why can’t templates and artificial intelligence solve human problems?

Building a mere website has become effortless these days owing to artificial intelligence and WordPress templates. However, if you are looking out to unravel real life problems, and increase your clientele with high returns on sales then professional designs are essential.


Reasons for preferring professional designs-

Reason number one # Designs are based on Objective

The professional web developers will understand your objective behind the development of a website. Based on it, they will come up with a prototype. Using their best expertise, experience and web development practices, they will derive a solution for your needs. On the contrary the ready-made website development solutions do not give results that ask you about your objectives or cater to your target market needs. Thus, they result in low number of visitors on your page and ultimately low rate of conversions.


Reason number two # Professional website is responsive to discussions

If you have professionals working on your website, your web portal can be responsive every second. Such sites respond to the queries and discussions going between the visitors and can bring real world solutions to the questions of your clients. In-depth study about the discussions is needed to attract visitors and lead ultimate conversions and due to this reason, automated website solutions are not much preferred over the customized professional website solutions.


Reason number three # Professional website caters needs for Search engine optimization

Looking out for appropriate keyword and for site mapping, is an imperative objective of a web portal. This obviously requires research work in existing reports, available content in addition to deep analysis. A grid solution cannot propose you a solution which is spirited on years of experience and human intelligence.

If you would like to know more as how custom design can support your business in comparison to template design or where the template design can be used better then you may contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

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