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Retain Online Visitors as Buyers

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Retain Online Visitors as Buyers – Do you really get attracted towards one store over another at a shopping mall just because of your needs at the moment, or is it something else that entices you?  The store that looks cluttered, is dark and has narrow walkways attracts you more or the store that is airy, lighted and tidy which appeals you the most. What counts is eye entreaty.

Brick-and-mortar establishments have something to tell you – 

The researchers have closely observed and studied the buying behaviors of the people in buildings about what attracts them the most and what not. From discount offers to the focus groups.  The marketers now know what sells the best. The products that are kept at eye level in the stores sells much more than other products that are out of reach of the customers. Also the displays or the culminating caps at the supermarket are considered to be the key realty on the shopping floors.

A tempting web portal design is crucial

The research analysis results of offline market can be applied to ecommerce portals too. Elegantly designed websites not only sell products to the visitors but also leaves a pleasant memory on the minds of visitors. The pleasant website design that compels the visitors to come again to a site increases the chances for conversion rates as well. Ann easy to use website that has tidy shelves displaying the products gets much easily popular amongst the buyers.

Designing a website 

The foremost step in designing a site is to know your customer market. If you are getting it designed from the professional website developers make sure to mention in detail what customer market you are planning to target. The design of a website differs from segment to segment. Like for the senior citizens, you will prefer having sober designs, large fonts and simple language in your web portal design while for the teenagers and adults you can have darker colors, stylish fonts and quite tricky tools.

Structure of your site and the layout 

Make sure that you keep your website more engaging and modest in design so that it has user friendly attributes into it. A cluttered homepage may create confusions for the first time visitors and with just a snap of mouse it may make him take an exit. If your homepage has multiplicity of links on your homepage, you can also use a sitemap.

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