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Perform Website Audit

Website Audit – Do It Yourself – To Attract Your Real World Site Visitors

Internet is an amazing center for trading with your customers with a powerful tool “website” to generate revenue and expand your business endeavors. However, if your website is under-performing there can be miscellaneous reasons to it. A website checklist can help you in performing a DIY audit of your site and address the issues successfully. Here is a list of things that you need to check in your Website Audit – Do It Yourself guide and improve it in the required areas-


Usability –

Layout of the website matters along with the fact that content is of some usefulness to your target market. Besides this, check out for grammatical errors in your content. Also make sure that navigation feature is added appropriately


Branding – 

  • Intro page –

    Make sure that you have an “about us” column in your site to describe who you are, what you do, what products or services you offer etc to enhance your visitor’s experience.


  • Images and videos –

    Do not just simply place an image on your site. Rather, select your images and videos very wisely. Use images that best describes your business and product offerings.


  • Typography –

    Make sure that you discriminate yourself with your competitors very well and therefore choosing a particular style of font, color combinations and style is important.



Design – 

  • Formatting your web page consistently –
    For the hyperlinks, the text, typography, navigation and headers please ensure that use consistent template.


  • Well organized content –
    Making use of clear paths from one block of content to other without disturbing your visitor’s experience is imperative.


  • Focused layout –
    Highlighting most important content in your layout and allowing less important content to follow is of prime importance.


  • Controlling the bling –
    Limit the pop ups and sparkles on your site as to avoid a leap off on the pages for your visitors.


Coding –

  • Making use of proper heads and subheads –
    Making use of H1 header per page and using H2-H6 sub headers can make your website look cleaner.


  • Using canonical URL –
    If you have several choices, you can use the best URL for your site.


  • Using sitemap file –
    By using sitemap.xml files on your website, you can simply tell the search engines that you have updates it with some new posts and updates.


  • Using Schema and HTML5 –
    To enhance an overall value of your website’s SEO value, make sure that you use both Schemas and HTML5. Where HTML5 is a new coding standard for developing websites, the schemas make it easier for the search engines to understand a site.


Optimization –

How quickly the business website responds to its users and search engines is a matter of fact, and for this reason it is important to well optimize the images, written content and videos so that the cache used is light.


Please note that guaranteeing success from internet marketing overnight is not possible. In addition to this it is equally imperative that you keep your focus on current trends and adapt best business practices.

If you would like to know more about the best practices for Website Audit and looking for a professional help to improve your websites performance and Internet marketing then you may get in touch with us using out “Contact Us” page.


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