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SEO Tips for Online Portfolio

Starting with a blog is one of the best ways to popularize self and earn a good repute in industry. However, simply churning out an engaging and intense content is not sufficient; you also need to place it well so that it is visible to the intended traffic.  Here listed are certain tips to assist you in standing tall amongst your competitors on Search engine result pages –


  • Website hosting and domain

You can make your web portal and your blogs more search friendly and famous by paying a petite amount of yearly fee to promote it to a custom URL instead of opting for free blog platforms. Also make sure that you keep it short and simple considering the use of business related keywords so as to let it bug free. To avert the risks of being penalized by Google, please ensure that the keywords you are using go along with the theme of your content.


  • Uniqueness in content – an imperative requirement

Content which is copied across the web is at risk of being penalized by Google. Thus, it is important that the content you put on your wall is authentic and fresh. Also, avoid those “Black Hat” tactics such as stuffing your content with keywords to attract the traffic to your portal as unrelated keyword usage can bring your portal to its end.


  • Categorize and tag

To enhance the performance of your articles and blogs on SERPs (search engine result pages), along with populating the blog consider categorizing it as well. Besides SEO rankings, categorizing youyr content also helps your visitors to read articles of their interest for longer and come back again. Also tagging plays another important role by posting a much more specific content in the hierarchy of contents thereby enhancing a reader’s experience.


  • Optimizing the images

To give your articles and Blogs a required boost, optimizing images is equally important. This helps in connecting your content with Google’s image searches as well. In today’s scenario when small screens are ruling the industry, generation is relying more on image searches for the information as per analysis. Make sure that you optimize your images with the trending keywords instead of your blog’s title.


  • Efficient link building

Another crucial consideration is to link your article or blog with your Domain. This not only makes the readers to land on your address but also makes the search engine crawlers to crawl on your portal easily and give your page good rankings in the page listings.


  • Social media

You can also make use of social media websites to magnetize huge web traffic to your portal. Being socially linked to your target market and gaining eminent social shares is an efficient SEO strategy. Nevertheless, be careful in whatever you tweet and whatever message you bestow on Facebook.

Search engines perspective for ranking a (Domain and Content) is a very important aspect and cannot be ignored as how over the time these search engine algorithms change to calculate the ranking of a URL. The same is explained by MOZ as well.

So, before you hit that publish button for your content, make sure that these tips are considered by you. If you need any further suggestions as how your content can be best optimized or useful to reach maximum customers then you may contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

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