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Improving Website Design

As per the study by Google, if the search results take an extra half second in loading results, the web traffic on your web portal may decrease by approx 20 percent. This further leads to decrease in sales of the portal and after three seconds about forty percent of traffic simply leave.  So, if you are designing a highly complex digital page that is loaded with rich and lots of dynamic elements such as Java script files, complex graphics or animated images then you need to be careful about your website design.

Performance optimization is essential as every single site designed for every single device needs to perform well. The performance of the website highly depends on its design. The design of the web portal has a high impact on its speed to respond to a visitor’s request. Even the font styles and font sizes have an impact on the speed of a page.


Improving Website Design for Performance – 

Every design of the web portal is not ideal for a better and faster performance results. Since the font styles, the bullets, the images and the videos makes the pages slower or faster, it is therefore necessary that the pages are well optimized for great performance.

The redesigning of landing page can lead to performance hit and may also have a negative impact on conversions.


Coding for performance 

If you really want to make a significant headway, make sure that you rename the semantic elements in your HTML. Remove the unnecessary selectors from your CSS as they will increase your page load time by percent. The smaller pages that have less HTML and CSS are easier to maintain and redesign have positive impact on page loading speed and conversions.


Optimizing the requests

If you keep your markup cleaner, the browser will take less time to fetch data such as DNS record or File. The lesser the time browser takes the more speedily the page will load. Since the time of the users is being saved, the more optimized results will be given. Thus responsive designs have faster load times.


Optimizing the images

You can create sprites to optimize the images. As you regenerate your web portal’s images, you can make them pass through image optimizer. Also see the images that can be replaced using the CSS3 gradients. This will also make the web portal editing much easier. Also re-optimization, regeneration and editing will also become simpler.

So, when you are measuring in terms of returning visits, downloads or revenue the better conversion rates mean happier customers.

If you would like to know more on how can you improve the performance of your site then you may get in touch with us via our “Contact Us” page.

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