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Effective SEO

With increased proclamations that Effective SEO is dying or is dead already, the focus is being lead on good quality content gaining high popularity. Content on the other hand does hold value. A website that offers a good informative content which readers really like to read and grab are more preferred. Valuable content that is useful for the targeted audience holds its eminence in world of Digital market.

With the regular changes being made in plethora of algorithms by search engine giants including Google, content is now a center stage and companies who earlier were offering effective SEO services at large are now also offering content marketing services. However, to me the fact is that SEO was and SEO is a strong digital marketing tool to get an edge over your competitors.

Search engine optimization that earlier was limited to only optimizing the taglines of content with prominent search keywords have now extended over internal link building to give your web portal a good visibility. Google is taking active actions by putting penalty on the portals that are linked to unnatural pages perhaps due to past link building. The updated algorithms of Google makes it necessary for the portal owners to be aware of the links in their profile as they may put them into trouble.


Why is content a king for SEO?

Earlier to get higher rankings, cramming up all the keywords in your content was the strategy. However, today if you do so, Google is going to strictly penalize you. If you want to get the right customers to be landed on your site’s page, you necessarily need a good quality content optimized for your customers. Customer is the king and so is the good content. If you can’t provide the right content on your own, hire professional content writers to write a SEO-optimized content for your site.


The two important aspects for web content – 

Quality and quantity is important to be considered. Content that makes no sense or offers no useful value to the visitors may make your visitors say good bye to your site forever. Content besides being rich in keywords should also offer useful information to the readers. It must be interesting and qualitative. Besides this, the quantity of the content matters as well. A good quality content must be updated on your portal daily. This means that you should regularly update your site with informational articles, blogs, press releases or anything as such. Going for weeks without adding any useful stuff into it is not going to get you anywhere. If you really are interested in increasing conversions on your portal, make sure that you provide quality content on your site as Content is the King.

I hope you have got the answer to the question “Is Creating Good Content Enough For Effective SEO”

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