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Digital Marketing

Today in internet-era where Data is the new king, armies of computer science are dedicating their focus on digital marketing strategies. The use of clever software and perseverance to improving the odds of making a sale online, digital marketing has unlocked the doors to personalized product recommendations, tailored marketing and targeted advertising.

For the website developers and data operators, web scraping or data harvesting has always remained a matter of concern. The process of data reaping is all about extracting a large amount of data for various useful purposes using a small script, called malicious bot.

There is a great chance of data loss to big companies from their databases. There are many ways through which data records are cycled from databases which can be really detrimental to businesses. Besides the loss of data, data harvesting can be deleterious in following ways also –


Reducing website response speed

If data scraping is done extensively on a website, it may lead to reduction in speed of responsiveness of a web portal. This will ultimately lead to bad user experience.


Poor SEO ranking

If the data is reaped bogusly and is used on some other website too, it can bring a huge plummet in your SEO rankings. Also the reproduced data will affect the performance of your website.


Lost market advantages

The spurious data harvested by the competitors can be used to scrape treasured information such as customers list to gather astuteness about your corporate. ,,However, there are various methods available in market that can protect your company’s data from being reaped. To protect your database, there are many tools that include –



One of the effective ways to help prevent data from being harvested through an unauthentic or malicious bot is to use completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and human apart (CAPTCHA). It helps your data by displaying a verification code which can only be verified by human beings. The test also discriminates between a human user and a bot. this way you can help protect your data and ensure that it is not accessed by a bot.



There are certain controls that may be laid on your data through which the database gives an access to data only which is searched. In short, it displays that information only which matches to the search criterion. Thus, the data which do not match to your search criterion is not displayed. Thus, you can use tools to set the limit of access of data in the database records by a user and prevent any kind of unauthorized access to your crucial information from any human user or a malicious Bot.



A malicious bot can easily access sequential IDs and therefore using complex IDs such as GUID can help in preventing data loss.

You can also seek professional assistance to help protecting your data from unauthorized access. If you would like to know more details about securing your site then you may ask us via our “Contact Us” page.

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