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Mobile Friendly Websites To Rank Higher

With everyone’s eyes gazed into their smart phones and extensive online sales and purchases, Mobile Friendly Websites is a new plea promoting mobile friendly websites. If you are not devising such a portal then don’t be amazed if Google search engine results plummets it. The renowned Search Engine Giant, Google is updating its algorithms to yield the websites that are performing prodigiously on mobile devices while the rest are going to suffer from Google apocalypse. A tumble in the rankings in not so “mobile-deemed” websites, will mean a site-able dip in revenues of major companies that are expansively dependent on a heavy web traffic. The web portals of Italian fashion Company, Versace and Microsoft’s Windows Phone’s homepage were plastering a fall in rankings due to too small font size used and their mobi-sites not being at par. Devouring a significant sway on online business of various companies, having a “mobile-friendly” web portal is a necessity for many companies at the moment.  On the contrary, those companies who are giving a due consideration to Google’s new verdict are netting about triple the revenues in recent years.

Ranking factors that are crucial for mobile Sites


  1. User experience must be enhanced

Given the circumstances of smaller screen sizes and inadequate internet signals, the mobile friendly websites should offer a high user experience to rank in elevation in the search results. For an instance, the number of internal links getting opened in a site should be less in mobi-sites.


  1. Lesser structural and interactive elements

Compared to the desktop sites, the elements of interactivity and un-ordered lists should be much avoided in the Mobile Friendly Websites.


  1. Fewer ads

Ads are clearly not an element to be inserted in mobile friendly sites as they take long time to get downloaded and reduce the user experience.


  1. Technical factors 

To make the pages load faster on smaller screens, it is important to have a smaller file size as contrasted to those who appear on the desktop. Also the pages making use of Flash players must be averted as the formats are not supported by many mobile devices. A take-home advise – Though many predict that Google is preferring more the mobile sites and rest will have to bear inferior rankings, but the variations in algorithms are being made consistently and all that is being engrossed by the giant search Engine is an enriched user Experience.

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