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Future Mobile Application Solutions

The inseparable daily activity between human and technology has brought the Future Mobile Application to something that has never been imagined before. People are so much helped by the existence of mobile for their basic necessity, their job, study, and even their personal live. ‘The world is in your hand’ is a correct statement to reflect this phenomenon.

The market of desktop sales has been dropped in the past few years by the existence of smartphone, tablet and laptops. Today’s demand of effective working replaces the trend fast enough. Although the business you are into now seems not to get an effect of this mobile era, eventually it will happen. When mobile hits your surroundings, it will also force you to change when you do not to be left behind.


Where the technology is heading to.

The smartphone based on Android, iOS, or windows phone has a huge market. The future of mobile is not limited to two ways communication like the one it is used to be. From the survey by BI Intelligence, about 86% of the users intensively used mobile apps. Whereas only 14% of their time is used to open the mobile web. The new market is created and it cannot be stopped anymore. Mobile commerce and advertising followed by mobile apps is inevitable phenomena. It is then followed by the mobile payment and banking as well as health.

Then, what you can do to make this situation beneficial for your business? As it has been mentioned before that mobile commerce and application works hand in hand, why do not you work in both mattes? You can go developing a mobile app that helps you to give service to the customer in effective way. It will cut the time and budget to do advertising, selling, and answering the complaint from the customer.


How market is changing.

Some company has shifted their views to advertise the products online after realizing the future of mobile. They advertise in the street in a moderate amount, but when it comes to online world, it is almost everywhere. You do not need to bombard the customers in a way like that. However, the point to be earned is that mobile helps you to ‘select’ your market. By the browsing history and the tendency to open some apps, your market is selected by clear boundaries. You may still advertise it to potentially new customers, yet you have known whom the real target user is and make sure that you hit it effectively by the advertisement.

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