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Business Consulting Services

Stegwelt’s job is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business. We transform rigid technology architecture and “high ceremony” development processes by providing Business Consulting Services

For companies looking at outsourcing, Stegwelt offers the ability to entirely or partially take over the development, maintenance, conversion and enhancement of all their custom built or packaged software applications. Given its breadth of technology capabilities, adoption of the industry’s highest quality processes and strong domain expertise in varied industries, Stegwelt becomes a powerful extension and partner of the IT departments of its clients. Stegwelt shares its IT Process Transformation expertise to help a global financial institution, offering banking, insurance and asset management and other strategic process improvement initiatives.

Stegwelt’s experts in IT strategy will guide your firm through initiatives ranging from IT governance to business process improvement to designing the most optimum application and technical architecture to ensure that your enterprise’s IT is leveraged and well positioned to support future profitability.

Stegwelts’ Global Consulting Practice leverages its experience of managing and delivering technology, giving our customers a robust IT framework that has the potential to meet their business objectives.

Here’s how Stegwelts’ IT services can add value

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • System Re-engineering Solutions
  • Systems Performance Engineering Solutions
  • Technology Solutions

Today’s businesses need partners who can talk about strategy and technology in the same conversation. At Stegwelt, we believe true value from technology requires an in-depth understanding of business strategy. Our cross-industry consulting services help you craft a vision for your organization and then provide a specific, practical business and technology framework that will make that vision a reality. Our consulting competencies spread across business, process, quality and technology consulting.

Full Range of IT Consulting Services

  • BUSINESS ANALYSIS CONSULTING Stegwelt’s strategic business analysis consulting services focus on enhancing business performance of its clients by streamlining processes, reducing organizational risk and leveraging the global sourcing model.


  • QUALITY CONSULTING & SOFTWARE TESTING SERVICES Stegwelts’ quality consulting and software testing services are designed to help organizations achieve operational excellence through defined process solutions.


  • TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING SERVICES The technology consulting team at Stegwelt improves the alignment of business and technology through improved process efficiency, reduced cost & enhanced business value.
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