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Business Consulting and Augmentation

Stegwelt offers expert Business Consulting and IT staff augmentation services to enterprises and organizations requiring additional manpower and skill sets to supplement their IT requirements.

Staff augmentation is an easy to implement outsourcing strategy which allows organizations to staff themselves with skilled IT personals for their projects. Large enterprises and organizations usually opt for IT staff augmentation to get professionals with skill sets not available (or occupied elsewhere) in their staff. IT staff augmentation is a quick and efficient method of increasing your resources and skill sets without worrying about the infrastructure setup, management activities, hiring procedures etc. As the staff is added to an already working setup therefore the basic infrastructure and working protocol is already in effect, hence no need to revise or formulate the whole strategy from scratch. Just a few modifications and additions will complete the absorption procedure of the newly hired staff.

Stegwelt offers expert consulting and IT staff augmentation services to enterprises and organizations requiring additional manpower and skill sets for their projects. In-housing a vast pool of highly experienced IT specialists, Stegwelt successfully caters to the IT staff requirements of its global clients. We are a well reputed software development and IT staff augmentation service provider actively involved in innovating and deploying client oriented services and solutions to more than 500 international clients since last 14 years.

Stegwelt also provides consultation services to clients not sure of the technical expertise required for completing a particular project. We thoroughly go through your requirements, functionalities and other preferences to formulate a well managed staff augmentation strategy. The strategy includes information like the skill sets required for your project along with service duration and order of involvement of resources in the project. Our consultants are very helpful in optimizing your staff, thus provide a cost effective and efficient engagement experience to you

Benefits of Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Cost effective – No setup cost, hiring cost or long term contracts. Leaves, medication, insurance etc for the resources is taken care by us.

Experienced Staff – All the resources at Stegwelt have a minimum 3+ years of relevant working experience.

Direct Access to Resources – You are in direct contact with your resources and have full control over them. Our IT staff augmentation services are specially designed to provide maximum flexibility and control to the clients over their resources.

Intellectual Copyrights – All the codes and work done by resources assigned to you will be reserved by you.Stegwelt owns and maintains 3 development centers in New Delhi, India staffed with more than 250 IT specialists well adept in working under offshore engagement models. If you have a project with huge requirements and want extra staff for it or want the complete staff, contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a practical strategy and a price quote for the same.

Full Range of our Consulting & IT Staff Augmentation Services

Stegwelt offers custom application development services to it’s customers to address their changing business logic and increase the scalability & performance of their processes.

Stegwelt’s application maintenance services help you get the best out of your existing IT applications and reducing the maintenance costs.

Our highly-qualified experts will build a browser based version of your existing legacy applications that retains the essential features & takes full advantage of the web platform.

Stegwelt specializes in providing our customers with complete CRM solutions by carefully analysing their requirements and busines model.

Stegwelts’ e-Learning solutions enable effective knowledge propagation and transforming learning into an exciting and engaging experience.

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